A Green Memorial Day

Photo by Ed Burke

For us Americans, today is Memorial Day, a day we all take to celebrate those who put their lives on the line so our country can stand strong. Before all the BBQ’s start today, I would like to ask two things. First I would like to ask for a moment of silence for those who died for this land of the free and home of the brave…

Second I want to implore everyone to try something new: To celebrate a Green Memorial Day. Now most readers will probably look at that phrase, “Green Memorial Day” with an estranged gaze. The truth is that most everyone already celebrates a Green Memorial Day unconsciously. I am here to tell you to you how you can give it a conscious effort.


If you don’t already, why not give hiking a chance. Take a walk through the wilderness, through a mountain pass, or at your local hiking trail. Any kind of exercise that will get you on your feet and moving is green and anything but harmful, right?


Running is a big question mark that’s there each and every day. It asks you, ‘Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?

-Peter Maher

If mountains aren’t your forté, put on some running kicks and hit the road (or trail). Running is great exercise. Enjoy the breeze and the beautiful weather outside if you can. Running keeps you in shape and it doesn’t harm the environment (unless you’re wearing new futuristic shoes that emit some sort of carbon gas into the atmosphere).


Or maybe Running or Hiking isn’t really in your schedule. Put on a helmet and break out the bikes. For example did you know Americans use their bicycles for less than one percent of all urban trips while Europeans bike in cities a lot more often? There are 100 million bicycles manufactured world.  Bicycles are green too. They aren’t running out of stock anytime soon.

Go Shopping

United by Blue Fashion

Or go shopping for green outfits. Fortunately there are styles that vary from just green colored clothing. Go and discover different clothing lines that are eco-friendly like United by Blue or well known outfits from Levi Strauss

There are several ways you can celebrate your Memorial Day weekend. I know I’m going to celebrate it Green. How about you? 


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