Francis d’Olivier

This is me, Francis from the Olive Tree. I live in the US and, as you can tell by my photo, am a  handsome writer. I currently am a college student slaving away at American education with some writing experience in publications from newspaper articles to short stories. I try to keep my posts within the bounds of Innovation, Sustainable, and Loving Life so that my readers always have food for thought. I hope readers of Machine Mindz leave with an open mind and a smile on their faces. It’s all about breathing life into innovation and we can only do that if we all open our minds to new things. As a great man once said, “Don’t knock it till ya try it.”

 If anyone wants to reach me, make writing requests, or even contribute to Machine Mindz, don’t be shy. You can reach me at  fd_olivier@hotmail.com or just follow me on twitter


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