Talking about anything that might be sustainable does not mean you are a Hippie. One of the major issues the world will be facing in the future is an energy crisis. I am sure most people are noticing the fluctuating gas prices. This is because of two things


2.The World’s overwhelming consumption of natural resources.

The problem is that most of these resources are neither green, clean, or good for the environment. But they are cheap easy to access because of government subsidies on unsustainable resources. There’s a phenomenon that I’m sure you’ve all noticed recently and it is called Climate Change. It is really important that we limit unsustainable, unclean, and unhealthy energy uses. We need to promote more sustainable ways of living that are great for us and the environment. Sustainable can be going green, promoting development around the world, and three popular tenants: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Machine Mindz wants to take care of the planet we live on and hopes its readers want to do the same.


My aim is to achieve sustainable change, not just make a cute little makeover

-Jamie Oliver



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