Oslo, City of the Future

In the spirit of tomorrow’s World Environment Day Oslo shows that it’s possible to have a clean sustainable city. Here’s a video brought to you by Sinead O’Shea and Aljazeera

For the people of Oslo this is what a city of the future looks like


Song of the week

Machine Mindz always wants to bring anything that will brighten every readers eyes on loving life. So starting today I’ll be bringing you a song of the week every Saturday. This weeks song is All to Myself by Marianas Trench, an alternative Canadian band. Hope you enjoy! Until next time…

Innovative storytelling

Bonjour toute le monde. Today I will be working on 3 new pages for Machine Mindz that will include what I believe Innovation, Sustainable, and Life stand for. So sadly I won’t be adding any new blog posts today for your enjoyment but I hope this TED talk can savor your taste buds for innovation.